Intruder Alarms

motion sensor
Motion Sensors

An advanced motion sensor detects movements and intrusions in your home and triggers an alert to your mobile phone.

magnetic reed switch
Door & Window Switch

Alerts when a door or window is opened. Have the perimeter doors/windows armed when your inside your home.

glassbreak sensor
Glass Break

Detects if a window is broken before the intruder has entered the building and sounds the internal/external alarm.

smoke detector
Smoke Detector

24 hour monitored smoke detector alerts when there is a threat of fire, whether you are at home or away and alerts to your mobile.

panic button
Panic Button

A button to be pushed in a medical emergency or a panic situation, to get further assistance when your on your own.

keyfob control
Keyfob Control

Arm/Disarm the alarm wirelessly before you enter your home, also open/close your garage using the same remote.

remote arming station

A remote arming station is used to arm/disarm the alarm. You can arm multiple areas or partial arm when your home.

interactive application
Interactive Control

Have control over your alarm system when your away. Remotely Arm/Disarm or even open/close doors when your away.

external siren

Deter intruders with an internal/external siren and flashing strobe light, making your home heard and seen from a distance.


video surveillance

network video recorder
Video Recorder

A system that stores all the recorded footage with months of playback history. This is essentially the brain of the CCTV system.


Using the monitor you are able to have a live feed of all your cameras. You can also change setting and look through history.

ip network camera

A variety of cameras to suit many situations. Whether its a wide camera for an overview or a zoomed camera for plate recognition.

remote live viewing
Remote Viewing

When your away from your home you can remotely view your cameras via an application and playback footage of previous events.

uninterruptible power supply

In a mains power failure your system stays running on charged batteries, while you are being notified to take action.

data rack
Data Rack

Store your system hardware securely and tidy with a networking data rack. You can have all your equipment in one place.